QiCHECK 2 Lite

QiCHECK (Quality Inspection Check)

Our product is developed to help with visually difficult tasks to identify discrepancies and anomalies on inspected surfaces. It comes with user friendly user interface with only few buttons for easy manipulation. As simple it looks it is empowered with powerful NVIDIA technology to solve computation extensive analysis. Using ML for segmentation and analysis can make this device suitable for many usecases and light conditions. Robust construction and easy to set up ergonomic arms, installed on top of the table, you can inspect any plane parts by teaching the system showing it a reference sample. High resolution camera scans objects, analyse them and displays evaluation on large 15″ HD screen with additional zoom option. It marks all differences between actual piece and reference sample. Great tool for Quality incoming inspection, missing part detection and on-the-line assembly check. If connected to the CLOUD, it even gathers test results, which are available for production improvement.
We know that this device won't sort out all problems out of the box but we are determined to make it working for next use-cases.

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